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Manage all your equity on a single
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Digitise your cap table and shareholder register

On Capdesk your company ownership records are digitised for greater accuracy, automated compliance and accessibility. you can effortlessly manage your equity as your business grows

Our platform makes equity management straightforward, with features that support funding rounds, employee share schemes, end-to-end deed execution, stakeholder management and more.

...and your equity can continually incentivise your employees

We help you make the most of employee equity. Issue options easily, let stakeholders see how their equity vests and enable liquidity for stakeholders through secondaries.

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A solution
as agile as
your business

Capdesk is a single source of truth for all your equity. Look professional to future investors, help stakeholders understand their equity position, meet compliance and regulatory deadlines with ease and never get lost in a messy spreadsheet again.

Our feature set includes:


A dynamic cap table and scenario modelling

Plan for the future by viewing fully diluted ownership, drafting complex fundraising rounds and running waterfall scenarios.


Smart transactions

Capdesk enables fully compliant, end-to-end online transactions – including secondary sales.


Options and warrants issuance

Issue, sign and exercise options, let shareholders track their equity position and manage your employee share scheme – all online.


Future-proof system

Get support as you scale, whether business growth brings additional territories, share classes or currencies to your cap table.


Custom onboarding and support

An experienced analyst will set you up as quickly as possible and provide ongoing support to all account stakeholders as needed.


Centralised stakeholder management

Swap complicated offline storage systems for a single, searchable database of shareholder information and documents.


Outstanding data protection

Your data is securely stored, frequently backed up and fully encrypted. Keep total control over stakeholder privacy.

Hear from our customers

“With a cap table of our size, we anticipated timelines closer to 12 weeks, but Capdesk got us up and running in 32 days.”
Mike McClean, Head of Financial Control & Accounting
“Capdesk has saved me so much time and effort, and the time has been fantastic. There’s really no alternative.”
Adriana Berglund, Head of Legal
“Before Capdesk we were using a simple spreadsheet to manage our shareholders, option holders and vesting schedules. Once we understood what Capdesk could do for us as a digital platform, we were sold.”
Damian Walsh, Financial Controller



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