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Streamline your equity plans and report to financial authorities with absolute confidence. The most flexible private equity solution made in Europe.

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Capdesk equity software is the European version of Carta
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Selling Shares Made Simple.

We are launching a brand new way to sell shares in private companies. Capdesk now connects with Europe’s largest private secondary market helping you convert equity into cash. Go have a look today and Unleash the Motivational Power of Equity!

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Early Stage

Save big on legal fees. Capdesk structures your equity records and outputs standard documents according to best practice.

Learning about compliance can be time-consuming. Know you’re doing things correctly from the start.

Growth Companies

Structure employee share grants on Capdesk. Get instant access to vesting and exercise. Never get a grant or an exercise wrong.

Help your employees understand and make the most of your share schemes.


Capdesk can handle any number of shareholders and combines equity administration with clever investor relations tools.

Share news updates with your investors both online and via email. Images and documents included.

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Trusted by CFOs in the UK and Abroad

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How much time do you spend preparing ownership data for financial authorities?

Filings to the financial authorities
Return of Allotment
of Shares
Confirmation Statement
EMI Annual Return
Share-Based Payments
EIS Certificate
and Claim to Relief
EMI Notification
of Options Granted

Get all this and more with one click on Capdesk.

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Capdesk Shines When Spreadsheets Fail You

We all love spreadsheets. We use them every day. But sometimes a generic tool isn’t enough. Check out some of the benefits of using specialised software.

Spreadsheets Capdesk
Employee Equity Schemes Complicated grunt work Fill in some data, we do the rest
Reporting Manual work One-click reports and raw data export
Investor / Employee Access Must report periodically Live equity overview, always accessible
Cap Table Keep track of multiple document versions Always current, synced with investors
Audit Trail Only manual records Complete and automatic
Structuring Equity and Docs On your own Compliant legal best practice
Data Accuracy Possible formula errors Enterprise-level backend

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The Most Flexible Equity Software in Europe

Employee Share Scheme In Europe Online

  • Numerous exporting options including full cap table
  • All security types (shares, growth shares, options, warrants, debt)
  • Multiple share classes (including liquidation preferences)
  • Advanced equity schemes and vesting for employees
  • Fully diluted ownership overview
  • Investor/employee access (portfolio, vesting and more)
  • Draft mode for complex simulations
  • Bulk data import

Secure, Supported and Compliant

Encryption and
User Authorization

All data transferred to and from Capdesk is encrypted. All application access requires authentication. Fine-grained control over who can access and modify what data through our authorization engine.

Data Centers

Capdesk features top-of-the-line storage and security provided by Amazon Web Services, built to meet the requirements of thousands of government entities and high-profile companies.


We perform daily, encrypted, backups of all platform data. We continuously ensure that backups are restorable in case of an emergency. Never lose your data again.


End user privacy is one of our highest priorities. Capdesk will never contact a stakeholder without a prior consent or in any other way use or share stakeholder data with any 3rd party.


We are committed to providing a stellar customer experience. We offer onboarding assistance and free unlimited support for investors and companies with more than 10 stakeholders. We are also always open to any question, comment, or suggestion.


With your data on Capdesk, it's a breeze for you to be legally compliant, including GDPR-compliant. We've set up a compliance-aware data registry framework with our in-house UK legal expertise and partnerships with UK lawyers, accountants and Kromann Reumert, one of the largest law firms in northern Europe.

You won’t believe how much time and effort Capdesk can save you. Try it out for free.

quotes Easy to use and highly effective software

It has helped me to organise 30 years worth of statutory registers, transfer books, spreadsheets and a multitude of other actions in our share scheme into a simple to use and read format. It is clean, easy and effective in what it does.

review starts 5-1

quotes Intuitive software and easy to setup

Overall: Really positive. It's a massive help for the business and it means we have a significantly more reliable and trustworthy place to store shareholder information and a portal for communications.

review starts 5-1

quotes Good functionality and helpful user support

1) Well-tailored to growing unquoted companies needs 2) Handles increasing cap table complexity 3) Useful to a range of stakeholders - issuer, management, staff and shareholders - in terms of both records-keeping and communications

review starts 4-1