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Our story

While working at a crowdfunding platform, founder Christian Gabriel noticed a problem. Companies were structuring equity in messy spreadsheets, which had huge consequences for small shareholders and employees. Instead of working to the advantage of these crowdfunded businesses, equity was a thorn in their side.

So, Christian created Capdesk. Mikkel Boje and Martin Damhus joined the team as Co-Founders in 2015. Together, they transformed the platform from a smart alternative to spreadsheets into a powerful tool to help every private company make the most of its equity.

Our vision

We’re on a mission to change finance for good, and doing that takes more than technology. Our vision is of a future where equity is a core component of the employee experience in unlisted companies.

We envision equity better utilised by employers and better understood by workers. Not just as a deal-sweetener for new hires, but used to align, incentivise and reward employees throughout their careers. We envision employees empowered to access the wealth they helped to create at a time that suits them, and with our native secondaries feature, there is no more waiting for an IPO or a sale to ‘cash out’ on your shares.



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We’re rewriting the history books on how companies use equity to empower their people


The team

Meet some of our amazing Capdeskers

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Adina Cazamerciuc

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Christian Gabriel

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Crispina Wilson-Jones

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Francesca Luke

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Harry Ashton

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Maria Muhandes

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Martin Damhus

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Mikkel Boje

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Nikki Keys

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Pawel Wawreszuk

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Pete Gwilt

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Rosie Smith

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Shivank Nambiar

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Sibylle Lefay

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Uliana Musikhina

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Vincent Séguin


Capdesk culture

Each Capdesker plays a part in building a culture that we’re immensely proud of. We boast a diverse range of talent spread across multiple timezones, with every one of our employees free to work in the way that suits them the most, and enables them to thrive.

We've been accredited by Flexa Careers as a flexible employer, and work hard to ensure that our three core principles underpin every aspect of life at Capdesk.


Our values


Curiosity leads to learning, learning leads to improvement

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We deliver meaningful results with skill and determination

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We support each other and take care of ourselves



Join us, and unlock your potential!

We’re rewriting the history books on how companies
use equity to empower their people, and every hire is significant to us. We’re looking for each newcomer to strengthen our mission, our team and our culture – and challenge us to get better. That’s where you come in. Check out our careers page, and find out how you can unlock your potential at Capdesk.

If you're an aspiring Capdesk Engineer, head over to our engineers dashboard where you can learn more about the team, and get a a real-time overview of key metrics in our product environment.




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