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Capdesk is a platform that helps unlisted companies manage equity. We are passionate about progressive finance, advanced technology and solving tough human problems.

Creating more shareholders can improve the world

We believe that democratising capital creation through spreading wealth is beneficial for society as a whole. It has positive effects for personal health, happiness and education; and for companies’ innovation and competitiveness.

Therefore, it is our goal to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for private unlisted companies to spread their wealth, whether that be through shares, options, warrants or other employee incentive schemes or equity types. Managing company equity should be easy and cheap to do correctly, not a costly distraction from the actual business. And, engaged employees should be able to understand and take part in the value creation they deliver. Co-ownership motivates.

When thinking about shareholders and company equity it is often publicly listed companies on the stock exchange that come to mind. However, much of the world’s capital actually resides in private unlisted companies. Such capital is locked in the company and is, to a large degree, illiquid.

Unlisted shares are difficult to value, let alone sell, and as a result the true value of a share in an unlisted company is often intangible to employees. Therefore, if given a choice, many employees, or other stakeholders, prefer cash remuneration over equity. This seldom represents the optimal decision in the long-term; cash loses value by definition, whereas equity has the potential to increase in value many times over. The result is: employees missing out on the value they created, companies missing out on employee engagement, and society losing out on innovation and wealth distribution.

Our mission at Capdesk is to make capital democratisation easier and less costly. We are committed to bringing down the cost of issuing shares, managing equity, and facilitating transactions so that all companies can participate in equity distribution. We want to help everyone understand the value of unlisted share ownership. Capdesk is the platform for unlisted shares.

London Headquarters

The Vision

Christian Gabriel
Christian Gabriel CEO, Founder
Hakon Junge
Hakon Junge CCO
Ben Bowes
Ben Bowes Sales & Business Development Director
Sindy Cam
Sindy Cam Head of Client Services
James Kitchen
James Kitchen Onboarding Analyst
Matthew Phillips Onboarding Analyst
Raghav Bahl Onboarding Analyst
Harry Ashton
Harry Ashton Account Executive
Hunain Yakub Sales Development Representative
Dave Breckon Creative Lead
Kartik Krishnan Head of Growth
James Bardwell Sales Development Representative

Copenhagen Office

The Technology

Mikkel Boje
Mikkel Boje CTO, Founder
Martin Damhus
Martin Damhus CIO, CFO, Founder
Alexander Worm Olsen
Alexander Worm Olsen Senior Software Engineer
Rasmus W. Andersen
Rasmus W. Andersen Senior Software Engineer
Louise Knudsen
Louise Knudsen Backend Developer
Andrés Díez
Andrés Díez Product Designer
Mathias Bech
Mathias Bech Growth Marketing Manager
Helene Burghoff
Helene Burghoff Administrative Manager
Stefan Holm
Stefan Holm Backend Developer
Amalie Vangekjær
Amalie Vangekjær Student Developer
Victor Suadicani
Victor Suadicani Backend Developer
Espen Suenson
Espen Suenson Senior Backend Developer

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Capdesk UK

25 City Rd
Shoreditch, London
+44 7397 852375
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Capdesk Denmark

Nannasgade 28
2200 Copenhagen
+45 31 31 1869
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