Nov 13

Share certificates – acceptable in the 80ies

As a millennial, digital native who has entered the World of registrars and equity management in unlisted UK companies, I have often been surprised by the lack of digitisation. Share certificates are on the top of my list. I find it difficult to see the value of share certificates, and... read more →
Nov 01
Sep 20

September release notes

Have you noticed the difference? Capdesk just got a massive makeover and that’s just one of many news this September. Out of beta After a year in beta we are finally public. We have listened to your feedback, advice, and ideas.  It has all contributed to maturing Capdesk to a... read more →
Aug 21

From crowdfunding to continuous fundraising

This Founder series post features Pyynikin, award-winning brewery, funding innovator and long-time Capdesk user. Based in the city of Tampere, Pyynikin is on a mission to bring Finnish craft beer to the World. To date, they have attracted more than 2000 investors to become part of the company. I spoke... read more →
Jul 26
Release Notes

Release notes July 2017

While you been enjoying summer and holidaying on the beach, we have spent July grinding in the lab to bring you improvements, bug fixes and new features on Capdesk. The Rhino (Capdesk 2.0) was launched in June. We have spent the last month stabilising the system and correcting migration issues.... read more →
Jul 20
Jun 06
The New Capdesk

The new Capdesk is here!

It has been a busy Spring at the Capdesk office and we are very excited to announce the release of the new version of Capdesk. What is new? Shareholding just became a lot easier. Capdesk might look like its old self, but the new version is much more powerful. Here... read more →
Mar 28
Oct 20

How an online investment turned into a cheque

Fintech (financial technology) is booming. In the startup community, everybody is talking about the new cool kid in town stealing business from the establishment. You can store money on a mobile-app-bank, invest or lend directly into promising business all over the world. Why not get your own cryptocurrency and buy... read more →
Oct 13

10 tools that will change how you fundraise

For most startups, fundraising is a complicated and unpleasant task. The entrepreneur has to meet with investors, strangers, who are asking questions, criticizing and saying no all the way until a match is made with the right investor. Luckily for  entrepreneurs and fundraisers, there is a range of great tools to help... read more →