Scarlett Pierce
Jul 5, 2022 2:15:00 PM

Save time updating employee records and issuing equity with Capdesk’s Hibob integration. We’ve launched a new feature that allows Hibob to share select employee information with Capdesk and eliminate hours of manual work entering records across both systems.

You can activate the feature in a matter of minutes. Once it’s up and running, you’ll never need to enter the same information across two systems again. Simply ensure your Hibob employee records are correct, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Speed up the equity issuance process and reduce your risk of incorrect employee records with Capdesk and Hibob.

How does it work?

The integration allows you to set up a one-way sync between fields in Hibob and fields in Capdesk. It’s up to you to decide which fields to map to each other between the two systems – we’ve given you maximum control so you can configure the integration to your needs.

Find step-by-step instructions in the Capdesk help centre.


What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to using this integration. Here are our top two:

Issuing equity to new employees

Now, when you want to issue equity to new employees, you can simply import the employees’ information from Hibob. They’ll appear in Capdesk right away, ready to be issued equity, and you’ll have skipped the step where you manually added them to the platform.

Updating employee information

Change of address, change of email, change of legal name – things rarely stand still when you’ve got lots of employees. Now, whenever there’s an update, you only need to update it in Hibob.

The change will register automatically in Capdesk, reducing the risk that your company ownership records become outdated.

When is it available?

Now! The integration is up and running on all Capdesk accounts.

  • Log in to your Capdesk admin account
  • Select ‘Integrations’ from the left-hand navigation bar
  • Click ‘Hibob’ and follow the prompts from there


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