Jun 06
The New Capdesk

The new Capdesk is here!

It has been a busy Spring at the Capdesk office and we are very excited to announce the release of the new version of Capdesk. What is new? Shareholding just became a lot easier. Capdesk might look like its old self, but the new version is much more powerful. Here... read more →
Mar 28
Oct 20

How an online investment turned into a cheque

Fintech (financial technology) is booming. In the startup community, everybody is talking about the new cool kid in town stealing business from the establishment. You can store money on a mobile-app-bank, invest or lend directly into promising business all over the world. Why not get your own cryptocurrency and buy... read more →
Oct 13

10 tools that will change how you fundraise

For most startups, fundraising is a complicated and unpleasant task. The entrepreneur has to meet with investors, strangers, who are asking questions, criticizing and saying no all the way until a match is made with the right investor. Luckily for  entrepreneurs and fundraisers, there is a range of great tools to help... read more →
Sep 22
Jan 12

Capdesk expands to London!

The Danish startup Capdesk – a social shareholder platform that makes investments in SMEs accessible to all – has set the goal to conquer London. Christian Gabriel (25) and Casper Arboll (28) are the founders of Capdesk, launched in November 2015. Within the last 2 months, Capdesk has already reached... read more →
Jan 07

The Danish Fintech Industry 2016 (Infographic)

The concept of Fintech got a breakthrough in Denmark in 2015, reaching both the press and the political environment. However, the scene is not mainstream yet, and it can be difficult for outsiders to maintain an overview of the scene. In this short piece of writing, I have tried to... read more →
Oct 14

The Crowdinvestor Canvas

Crowdinvesting has contributed to the development of new organizational forms that in particular affects entrepreneur – investor relations. In this new reality, it is normal for startups to have an average of 125 investors. A potential burden for small founder teams, but also a potential opportunity that can help to leverage... read more →
Oct 14

Capdesk: Equity Crowdfunding Made Easy

I have been deeply involved in the equity crowdfunding movement the last three years. First, as part of FundedByMe and since as founder of the crowd consultancy HeartReacher. During this time, equity crowdfunding has grown and matured from trend into an established form of investing. The maturing of equity crowdfunding is evident... read more →
Oct 14

Six Rules for Equity Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding is a new source of entrepreneurial finance allowing a wider audience to invest in startups for equity in the venture.  While investment crowdfunding as a vehicle for financing early stage ventures is gaining momentum on a global basis it remains in its infancy.  Our research on crowdfunding has been... read more →