Scarlett Pierce
Aug 13, 2021 8:50:00 AM

The latest product news from Capdesk – August 2021.

feature updates

   Online exercises, offline payments

Capdesk now enables faster, smoother offboarding of employee option holders. Leavers can exercise their options using the platform, and you can manage any associated payments offline.

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   Document placeholder testing

You can now test placeholders within your agreements and share certificates on Capdesk. Preview documents using demo data and adjust the formatting as needed before you commit to a final version of the placeholder.

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Bulletin aug

  • Capdesk’s grant overview report includes vesting end date.
  • Admins are blocked from granting share options if not enough options are available in the incentive pool.
  • After disabling 2FA (two-factor authentication) you will receive confirmation by email.
  • The effective value of exercises is shown post-split.
  • The grantholder National Insurance field is much easier to find.
  • We've increased focus on the stability and performance of our platform.


Want to take advantage of any of the features listed here? Simply submit a request to our Customer Success team today and we’ll talk you through it.

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