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Aug 11, 2022 2:32:00 PM

The latest product news from Capdesk –
August 2022.

feature updates


An interactive admin dashboard

Logging in just got a lot more exciting. See the shape of your cap table, download essential reports and invite new stakeholders all in one place – on the new-look Capdesk admin dashboard. Key information on fundraising, incentive pool allocation and more gives you an overview of your company’s equity as soon as you log in.

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HR integrations

HR integrations with Hibob, Bamboo and Personio

Slash time updating employee records and issuing equity with Capdesk’s new HR integrations. Share select employee information from your HRIS – be it Hibob, Bamboo or Personio – with Capdesk, and eliminate hours of manual work entering and updating records across both systems. Next time you issue equity to new stakeholders, you can add them to Cadpesk via your HR system instead of creating their accounts one by one.

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online exercises

Online exercises, in bulk and in-app

Throughout the online exercise process, it’s now possible to complete bulk actions in-app. No more opening exercise windows one by one or preparing lengthy import files. You can open exercise windows, terminate grants, mark exercise requests as paid and publish paid exercises to your cap table for up to 400 employees at once.

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Bulletin aug

  • You can now preview and validate your data before inviting stakeholders, so you know exactly what your stakeholders can and can’t see on Capdesk before taking your account live.

  • You can now customise Capdesk to display your preferred equity terms. Phantom shares or virtual shares? Exercise price or strike price? The choice is yours.

  • Employee shareholders will now see an estimated return of shares on their Capdesk dashboard.

  • You can now set a deadline for signing grants issued through the platform, up to 999 days from the date of issuance.

  • No witness? No problem: Capdesk now supports grantholder-only signing.


Want to take advantage of any of the features listed here? Simply submit a request to our Customer Success team today and we’ll talk you through it.

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