Scarlett Pierce
Oct 12, 2021 8:52:00 AM

The latest product news from Capdesk – October 2021.

feature updates

icon 1   Flexible convertible loan notes

Convertible loan notes on Capdesk are now a lot more flexible. You can change the share class of the note upon conversion, and record converted advanced subscription agreements (ASAs) as EIS/SEIS transactions.

Watch the video tutorial ➡️


Bulletin oct

  • Treasury shares are visible on the cap table for greater accuracy
  • All sample import files are now updated, allowing for simpler data imports
  • Option plans and allocations can be drawn from an individual shareholder
  • Updated public valuations show your stakeholders exactly what their shares are worth today – see product release notes for more information

Want to take advantage of any of the features listed here? Simply submit a request to our Customer Success team today and we’ll talk you through it.

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