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Find out how Capdesk has helped hundreds of growth companies streamline their equity management.




How MoneyMover Solved Its Shareholder Communication Problem with Capdesk

Money Mover subscribed to Capdesk because of the great fit between their needs and the platform’s features. Read the full story.

Oppo Brothers Saves 10 Hours a Year in Equity Management

Oppo Brothers uses Capdesk primarily to keep an updated and transparent cap table, as well as track transfers, options, and any potential convertible notes. Learn more.

Capdesk Helps Tab Media Reduce Investor Reporting Time from 1 Day to 30 Seconds

Tab Media has a complicated equity structure and has an option pool with both EMI and regular options, for UK and US employees respectively. Discover how they manage!

Health-Connected Prepares for Growth with Capdesk

Health-Connected's decision to opt for Capdesk because of its presence in Europe and its UK compliance. The company also felt that Capdesk was a better cultural ‘fit’ for them. Read all about it here.

gohenry Reduces Equity Management Time by 75%

With 100+ investors, numerous option-holders, and two huge crowdfunding rounds involving 5000+ Crowdcube nominee investors, the company holds a large and complicated cap table. Here's the full picture.

Why Resolver Will Tell You that Capdesk "Is an Absolute No-Brainer"

This is how reporting on Resolver’s 72 shareholders became a lot, lot simpler.

MarketInvoice Gets Efficient With Capdesk

Earlier in 2019 MarketInvoice closed its monster Series B investment round with institutional investors and headcount increased 30% in just 3 months. Attention was drawn to the company’s equity plan and how its management could be optimised as the company scales for growth. Read the full story.



Privitar Bids Its Spreadsheet Pains Goodbye With Capdesk

Privitar's CFO explains why Capdesk was crucial in helping the company grow efficiently and affordably, while maintaining strong relationships with investors and employees.

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