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How Money Mover Solved Its Shareholder Communication Problem with Capdesk

Money Mover

Industry: Fintech
Location: Cambridge, UK, Bath, UK, Ontario, CA
Employees: 10

The Challenge

In its earlier days, Money Mover was facing a challenge: its 35 shareholders expected regular updates but, using a combination of spreadsheets and Mailchimp to send these out, meant the Money Mover team spent valuable time on investor communications. Therefore, investor updates were infrequent and investors risked feeling out of touch with the company’s progress. As a solution, the company was considering the costly option of building a data repository within their web app, for investors to access information easily. ‘We were looking for a way to manage our investors that treated them differently than just another mailing list,’ explains Hamish Anderson, CEO. Simultanesouly, as the company grew, it found itself spending more and more time on managing its Companies House reports and filings.

The Solution

Money Mover subscribed to Capdesk because of the great fit between their needs and the platform’s features. ‘We could see that the problem Capdesk was trying to solve was a problem we had, and would continue to get worse as the business expanded and we got more shareholders. We saw the value of a service that allowed us to manage our shareholder communications and shareholder structure easily’, says Anderson. The company was also pleased to receive Capdesk’s onboarding services, which ensured the migration process was simple, fast, and correct.
Hamish Anderson
Hamish Anderson

We immediately saw the value of a service that allowed us to manage all parts of shareholder communications and shareholder structure easily. Capdesk saves us time. It means we don’t have to use a 3rd party to help us with certain parts of our reporting, and it’s improving the frequency and speed of how we do things.

The Result

After two weeks’ time, Money Mover was working fully effectively from Capdesk. With all information about their capital structure and investor relations news visible on Capdesk, the company could now share updates with investors in real time. There was no longer need to start a data-room-building project. Money Mover is also taking advantage of the platform’s automated reporting features: ‘Because Capdesk has all our equity information and also knows what is required from the companies’ registrars in the UK, it can automatically produce all these reports that we’d normally have to do manually,‘ says Anderson.

The CEO summarised the value of these results for Money Mover: ‘It’s certainly saving me time, because of the ease of use and the features available. It means we don’t have to use a 3rd party, like an accountant, for certain parts of our reporting. And it means we’re improving the frequency and speed of the way we’re doing things.’

Money Mover has found that Capdesk’s functionality grows over time. In the immediate future, they intend to expand their use of Capdesk to issue share certificates more efficiently, as well as automatically grant and manage options from their newly-formed option pool.

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