Fast, seamless EMI share plans

An EMI share plan from Capdesk is the fast, simple and seamless way to set up your option scheme in the UK.

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EMI schemes, simplified

Issue equity in a matter of weeks

Design your EMI share scheme, prepare the documentation and begin issuing equity to your employees in a matter of weeks, all on a single platform.

A seamless equity experience

Request a company valuation from our in-house experts and we’ll get pre-clearance from HMRC on your behalf, so you can grant options with total confidence.

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Developed by experts, customised by you

Guided by market standards

Our document templates are designed by share plan lawyers and follow market standards, so there’s no drafting documents from scratch.

Customise the plan to your company

How your EMI scheme works is up to you. Our share plan documents have plenty of room for customisation.

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Why choose Capdesk EMI share plans?


Everything in one place

A single solution for employee equity. Capdesk takes you from share plan setup and company valuations through to online option granting.


Save time and money

Win back precious hours and avoid unexpected fees by choosing Capdesk for EMI share plan setup. Use customisable templates instead of designing from scratch.


Guidance and technical support

Get support from an in-house analyst who will help you ensure your EMI share plan follows market standards and regulations.


Peace of mind

Take advantage of market standard document templates, safe in the knowledge they’ve been developed by a team of legal experts.

Fast, simple and seamless: setting up your EMI share plans

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Ben Adams
Ben Adams
CFO, Nourished

“When potential investors requested copies of the cap table, we had to create them in Excel. There was a risk it was wrong and contained mistakes. We started looking around for an alternative and Capdesk was quickly recommended by our legal advisors.”

Always be investor-ready

Mike Yang
Mike Yang
Partner, Orrick

“I’ve seen companies that don’t have clean cap tables: they spend hours trying to recreate what happened in the past. However, it’ll save them a tonne of money and time, in the long run, to switch to Capdesk.”

Minimise manual tasks

Charalampos Chatzitheodosiou
Financial Accounting, Plum

“Capdesk is a one-stop shop for everything equity-related. All our data is accurately stored, and investors have direct access. The manual and time-consuming efforts are out of the picture.”


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