Working together on EMI

Capdesk is the all-in-one equity management solution that helps law firms handle company ownership digitally and compliantly for their clients.

Set up and manage EMI share plans on a platform that’s compatible with your practice.


Compatibility is our strength

Set up and manage any plan

Your clients can upload their offline share plan to the platform, or take advantage of our EMI share plan document templates.

Customise share plans to your advantage

Capdesk’s EMI share plans are customisable. Collaborate with your clients to make sure the plan works for all parties.


Supporting high-growth startups

Handle equity on one platform

A single source of truth for you and your clients as their equity and cap table requirements become more complex.

Reduce legal admin time

When there’s no time to waste, perform tasks like bulk option grants with ease as your client's stakeholder count grows.


Checks and balances

Benefit from law firm-approved workflows

Our platform has multiple checkpoints to ensure data is correct when submitting forms to HMRC or granting options.

In-house and in hand

As part of the Capdesk onboarding process, our in-house analysts will ensure your client is within EMI grant and scheme limitations.


Why do lawyers love Capdesk?


Digitised share schemes

However your client sets up their share plan, digitising ESOP management from end to end mitigates risk and reduces admin time.

In-house expertise

In-house expertise

Our implementations team checks each account as part of onboarding, to make sure you can rely on a single source of truth.


An all-in-one service provider

From EMI share plan setup to valuations and issuances, all your client's company ownership is managed in one place.

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Easy access for all

As an administrator, you can view and manage all your clients’ equity from a single Capdesk platform log-in.

Visibility of equity

Visibility of equity

Invited stakeholders can see their securities and access any equity-related documents, instead of coming to you each time.


No room for errors

The Capdesk platform pre-populates forms for HMRC and Companies House, but allows you to review all filings before submission.