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  • How our cap table solution will keep your company ownership records accurate and scalable
  • Why using Capdesk to manage your share plans will help you leverage equity to hire, align, retain and motivate employees

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Kick the bad habit of spreadsheets

testimonial-slider-icon We didn’t have any equity management software before Capdesk. It’s a great fit because it contains every feature we could possibly need and is fully developed for the UK market.

Ben Adams  CFO  Nourished

Capdesk and Nourished

Empowering employees for Flux

testimonial-slider-icon Capdesk has enabled our employees to exercise their options and become shareholders. The automated process has been a huge time-saver compared to editing the share pool manually.

Rob Collings  CFO  Flux

Capdesk and Flux

Manage equity in line with local regulations

testimonial-slider-icon If you’re going to grant virtual shares regularly, it’s worth automating the whole process as we did. It makes Capdesk an attractive offer for scaling businesses in the German startup ecosystem.

Dan Hardaker  Chief People Officer  Penta

Capdesk and Penta

Cutting legal costs for Voi

testimonial-slider-icon We've saved thousands of euros already in legal fees, and every time we issue options we'll save more. Capdesk has been fantastic. There's really no alternative.

Adriana Berglund  Head of Legal  Voi

Testi 2-1

Support for



Automated filings for HMRC and Companies House. Support for EMI, CSOP, EIS and deed signing.



Secure VSOP management and share number handling. Electronic signing compliant with Bundesdruckerei.



Support for BSPCE including a fully customisable vesting schedule engine.



Support for QESO. Compliant share registers with automatic share number handling.



Support for Danish warrants. Support for share plans across multiple jurisdictions.

EU_Flag copy


Tailored to country-specific needs. Support for share plans across multiple jurisdictions.

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