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Scarlett Pierce
Feb 18, 2022 12:44:37 PM

London, February 8th 2022 – Capdesk, a leading equity management platform, is today announcing it will fund more than £7000 worth of fundraising training, support and resources for female entrepreneurs through Celestial Group.

Capdesk, which helps founders manage their company equity from seed stage through to IPO, has served 500+ customers in the private market in Europe over the last six years. The company has raised £11.7 million to date, in support of CEO and Co-Founder Christian Gabriel’s mission of democratising wealth in private companies.

Celestial Group is a collective of companies helping women with their personal wealth creation and allocation, through private equity mergers and acquisitions, real estate investments, Web 3.0 and education. Founder and Managing Partner Camilla H. Lastein’s mission is to bridge the financial gender gap by getting more women into entrepreneurship and investing where women are still a significant minority. Camilla is a renowned entrepreneur in Scandinavia, who founded her first company in 2013 and exited six years later after raising over £7M in investor capital.

Through its donation, Capdesk will sponsor five female founders to take part in Celestial Academy, a programme designed to equip women with the tools and techniques for successful fundraising. On International Women’s Day (Tuesday, 8th March), Capdesk will announce the five funding recipients.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BreakTheBias, a much-needed directive for the world of fundraising and entrepreneurship. In 2020, just 2.3% of global venture funding went to female-founded startups, indicating how biases damage women’s prospects in entrepreneurship.

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“Founders, investors and employees alike: there are far too few women in cap tables today. By sponsoring five women to take part in Celestial Academy, Capdesk makes a small but meaningful contribution to worldwide efforts to level the playing field for all genders and #BreakTheBias this International Women’s Day.”

Christian Gabriel, CEO and Co-Founder, Capdesk


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“It breaks my heart to see so many capable entrepreneurs hit a wall in business because of a lack of fundraising know-how, not to mention unconscious bias. I’m delighted to work with Capdesk to support five women through the Celestial Academy and along their fundraising journey.”

Camilla H. Lastein, Founder and Managing Partner, Celestial Group