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Partner with Capdesk. We make it easy for lawyers, VCs, and accountants to work with private companies.



Why partner with us?

Our cap table software is combined with advanced reporting features, share scheme management, valuations services and more, to transform the way you work with clients.


We set you up for success

Every partner gets client discounts, a dedicated relationship management and access to exclusive resources.


A product your team will love

See all your clients’ cap tables in one place, cut down on data entry and spend more time doing meaningful work.


We grow with your clients

From share plans and company valuations to fundraising and investor relations, Capdesk takes companies from seed stage through to IPO.

Work more efficiently with clients

Don’t waste billable hours on messy spreadsheets

Time spent on client accounts could be more efficient and impactful, allowing your clients to see greater value from the relationship.

Show your clients the truth

Capdesk provides a single source of truth for your client’s equity management records, tracking every change so you don’t have to. 


Offer fast, accurate valuations

It’s costing you time and money 

Performing valuations for your clients is a huge drain on resources – your team spends days chasing documents and compiling hefty reports. 

Cut costs, not value

Capdesk’s best-in-class valuations are completed in 3-5 business days, freeing up your time to focus on high-value projects.


See the bigger picture more clearly

Maintaining multiple systems is a headache

It seems like every client tracks their cap table differently, from spreadsheets to various country-specific solutions.

Spend less time switching between platforms

Migrate your clients to Capdesk for a universal view of their company ownership records, all from one secure platform.



Who partners with us?

Over 3500 fast-growth companies across Europe trust Capdesk to manage their equity, perform valuations and set up share plans. 


Law firms

Manage equity for your clients.
Securely access the Capdesk platform to see cap table data, issue electronic options, and send board consents.



Manage equity with your clients.
Securely access the Capdesk platform to help your clients manage equity, run compliance checks, view reports, and more.



Modernise portfolio management.
Accept securities, access shared cap tables, and see portfolio company information.

Chat to our partnerships team

During our call, we’ll cover how Capdesk can help you:
  • Work more effectively with your clients
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
  • Save your firm time and money 
Chris Turner Head of Partnerships
Finn Maclean VC Partner Manager
Harry Ashton Partnerships Manager

Manage equity with your portfolio companies or clients