1–10 Stakeholders

Billed annually


11–25 Stakeholders

Billed annually


25+ Stakeholders

Billed annually
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A stakeholder is any person or company related to your company, e.g. shareholders, employees or administrators.
If you use Capdesk's built-in signing engine, you pay as you go (£2.50 for each envelope completed after the first 10).
Capdesk charges a transaction fee per transaction executed on Capdesk using our escrow account (1% of transaction value, but minimum £5 and maximum £250).

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Features Available in All Plans

  • Employee share schemes with advanced vesting
  • End-to-end execution of employee share option grants, including signing
  • Securities including shares, growth shares, options, warrants, debt
  • Automatic share certificates, signable online
  • Full cap table (live, shareable, downloadable)
  • Multiple share classes and funding rounds
  • Advanced share class configuration (liquidation preferences, etc)
  • Compliant shareholder register
  • Draft mode for simulations
  • Round modelling
  • Waterfall analysis
  • See fully diluted ownership
  • Export your raw data any time
  • Download helpful financial reports
  • Complete transaction audit log
  • Investor/employee access to ownership data
  • Store and share company documents
  • Multiple company administrators
  • Granular access control
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Does your company have more than 25 stakeholders

Does your company have more than 25 stakeholders?

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