Offer liquidity with secondaries

Offer liquidity to your shareholders without the burden, cost or volatility of an IPO.

We've managed over £20m in secondary transactions, turning shares into cash for 1000s of employees and early investors.


Liquidity is not just for IPOs

Today it takes the average company over 11 years to reach an IPO. The average employee, however, is willing to wait just 4 years to cash in their equity.*

With secondaries, you can bridge the gap.

*Source: Capdesk survey of 1200 founders, CEOs and employees in private companies in the UK


Liquidity benefits everybody


Allow your people to realise the true value of their equity


Encourage mid-to-long term motivation and reduce financial pressure


Give early investors control over their time horizon


We’ve already run multiple secondaries with Capdesk and have plans for more. Capdesk helps our shareholders understand the value of their equity, and gives them the chance to sell their holdings securely.


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liquidated by Capdesk in 12 months

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worth of assets under management

How it works

Adjust sellers and limits

Adjust sellers and limits

Keep control over who can participate and how much they can sell. Allow cashless exercises as part of sales.

Find buyers

Find buyers

Add your own buyers to the secondary, or take advantage of our marketplace partners to find buyers.

Set the share price

Set the share price

Fix the share price upfront or run price discovery with our auction partner as part of the transaction.

Sign documents digitally

Sign documents digitally

Enable your participants to sign and witness documents digitally through our DocuSign integration.

Exchange safely

Exchange safely

Oversee a secure exchange of funds. Funds are kept in escrow until matches and transactions are approved.

Minimise admin work

Minimise admin work

Sit back and let Capdesk handle filing and stamp duty. We'll automatically update your share register too.


Why Capdesk?


Capdesk is the best-funded equity management solution in Europe


Over 100,000 investors and shareholders are listed on our platform


We’ve already provided liquidity to 1000s of participants

Flexibility from start to finish

We put your needs first, configuring the transaction in the way that best suits your company.

Already know your buyers and share price?
We’ll facilitate a seamless transaction for all participants.



Need to find buyers or discover your share price?
Our partners will help you find investors and set an accurate share price.



Guide: How to run a secondary

At Capdesk, we know secondaries. Here's a step-by-step guide to our favourite kind of liquidity event.


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Find out how we can help you set up one-off or regular liquidity events.

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