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Put your equity in motion with secondaries on Capdesk

Last year there were 407 IPOs in the US, and just 135 across the whole of Europe.

Why does that matter? Because IPOs provide liquidity to shareholders, and turn the notion of equity into a tangible gain for investors, founders and employees alike. They are proof that the equity system works for everybody who takes part. In trailing the US, European businesses don’t have that same evidence, and equity remains under-utilised.
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The solution lies in secondaries

Capdesk offers liquidity without the pain, cost and volatility of an IPO. With secondary transactions, you can:

Clean up your cap table

  • Swap out early-stage angels for long-term institutions
  • Let founding investors and employees cash in and move on

Catalyse the value of equity

  • Help employees and investors realise the true value of their equity
  • Use regular liquidity events to motivate your employees
  • Give early investors control over their time horizon

Why Capdesk?

Capdesk is primed to support Europe’s secondaries market:

  • £1.3bn of the £8bn invested in UK startups in 2020 was invested into Capdesk customers
  • Europe’s best funded equity management solution
  • We’ve already provided liquidity to 1000s of participants through end-to-end secondaries
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Our approach

Our approach to secondaries is designed with you in mind.


Need to find a buyer?

Take advantage of our partnership with Seedrs.

  • Get access to Europe’s largest private marketplace for equity
  • Seamlessly use Seedrs’ nominee structure on Capdesk
  • Initiate the process with just one set-up cost

Already know your buyer?

We’ll facilitate the transaction.

  • Manage a prearranged secondary transaction on Capdesk without entering the marketplace


How does it work?


Step 1

Configure secondary

Choose a Capdesk partner or configure your own buyer table to control who can buy what

  • Agree on price, maximum volume and terms including window
  • Use standard secondary templates or upload your own
  • Configure seller table and control who is invited to sell what
  • Handle preemption rights by having shareholders waive rights



Step 2

Monitor execution

  • Buyers: place orders by e-signing and funding escrow account on the platform
  • Sellers: place orders by e-signing and registering bank account on the platform. Receive guidance throughout the automated process, including exercising vested options
  • Our partners match and execute orders



Step 3

Close secondary compliantly

  • Approve closing of secondary including transaction documents
  • After all applicable costs have been deducted, funds are released to sellers from escrow account
  • Capdesk handles any required filings to authorities, such as stock transfer forms and stamp duty in the UK
  • All your company data is automatically updated, including cap table, shareholder register and share certificates
Talk to us about running a secondary


“Seedrs and Capdesk create a joint initiative whereby any business listed on Capdesk can sell shares and adjust the cap table via Seedrs marketplace."
“Seedrs has announced a strategically important partnership with Capdesk, an equity management platform that creates a more robust platform for investors and issuers to seamlessly manage their securities, to enable firms not crowdfunded on the Seedrs platform to participate in the marketplace."

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