Service Commitments

Capdesk's Service Commitments

Capdesk is committed to providing a world-class customer experience.


Any Capdesk user can contact Support with any Capdesk-related query – simply create a support ticket.

Support is staffed mainly within UK business hours, which are 09:00 - 17:00 GMT/BST.

Application Availability

We will do our best to keep our monthly uptime above 99.5%. 

As with all online services, we suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and we do need occasional service windows for database and application maintenance and upgrades. Our (rare) service windows are scheduled outside UK and EU business hours.

We constantly work on improving the application, and will also do our best to keep our services correct, timely, accurate, reliable and complete. 

Proactive Monitoring

Our application and infrastructure are continuously monitored by automated systems. Should any issue arise that affects the health and operations of our application and infrastructure, our technical operations team is immediately notified and will respond right away to diagnose the issue. 

Any platform issues will be reported and trackable on our status page. If there is an ongoing platform issue and it is visible on the status page, you do not need to submit a support ticket as we are already working on it.