An end-to-end equity solution

Manage all your equity on a single online platform – from seed to exit


Digital cap table

A dynamic cap table that handles all equity types

Make your company’s cap table an asset, not a liability, with Capdesk. Use the platform to plan and prepare for any eventuality.

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What can I do with Capdesk?

  • View fully diluted ownership
  • Draft complex scenarios, from round and exit modelling to waterfall analysis
  • Track all published transactions

Local filings

  • Filings in the UK: EIS/SEIS, CS01, SH01/02/06
  • Filings in Sweden, Finland and Norway: including share number registers
  • Filings in France, Germany and Switzerland: for all share classes including phantom shares
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Capdesk now offers EMI, CSOP &  409A valuations

Get EMI, CSOP and 409A valuations from our in-house team, including hands-on support with HMRC and the IRS. With our subscription model, you’ll never pay over the odds for a valuation.

Options and warrants

Issue options and warrants with ease

When it comes to attracting top-tier talent, equity is the unfair advantage that startups have over other businesses. But too many startups spend too much time issuing and managing employee equity – or worse, they don’t offer it at all.

We’re here to change that.

How can I manage options and warrants digitally?

  • Issue equity online, allowing employees to sign from wherever they are
  • Set up custom vesting schedules and exercise procedures
  • Auto-lapse contracts based on termination rules for employees
  • Generate IFRS2 and GAAP-compliant share based payments reports



Support for all kinds of employee share schemes

No matter which jurisdiction your employee share scheme is in, you can manage it on Capdesk.

The platform accommodates a range of security types, including phantom shares, growth shares and RSUs.

Need help setting up a scheme? We’ll connect you with a trusted partner in your jurisdiction so you can access specialised service at a discounted rate.

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Based in the UK? Capdesk helps you get the most from EMI & CSOP

EMI and CSOP are tax-advantaged share schemes available in the UK. For eligible businesses, they make shares an even more powerful employee incentive. 

Capdesk caters to these schemes, generating EMI notification and EMI annual return filings for HMRC. It’s easy to manage CSOP and EMI vesting schedules on the platform, and we’ll ensure your business doesn’t accidentally exceed scheme limitations.

Learn about EMI schemes

Learn about CSOPs and other alternatives to EMI

Find out more from one of our equity experts

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Based in Germany? Capdesk supports the compliant issuance and signing of VSOPs

Virtual share option plans (VSOPs) are a common way of giving employees equity in German startups and scale-ups.

Issuing VSOPs, options or any other equity type through Capdesk turns it into a powerful motivational tool – on our platform, your stakeholders can track the value of their holdings on a personalised dashboard.

What’s more, employees can sign grants electronically from wherever they are, in total compliance with Bundesdruckerei requirements.

Find out more from one of our equity experts

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Based in France? Capdesk supports BSPCE and many other equity types

Bon de Souscription de Parts de Créateur d’Entreprise (more commonly know as BSPCE) is the most popular option scheme in France.

Using Capdesk to issue equity through BSPCE or another scheme in France turns it into a powerful motivational tool. On our platform, your stakeholders can track the value of their holdings via a personalised dashboard.

What’s more, Capdesk has a fully customisable vesting schedule engine that you can adapt to meet your needs.

Find out more from one of our equity experts

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Expanding to the US? Capdesk supports US cap table requirements and tax regulations

Our platform supports US cap table requirements and tax regulations. We’ll even connect you with a trusted partner to help ensure local compliance.

Find out more from one of our equity experts

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Based somewhere else in the world? Capdesk supports QESOs, SARs and more

Wherever you’re based in Europe (and beyond), we may be able to support your employee share scheme on Capdesk.

Find out more from one of our equity experts

Employee experience

Capdesk helps your employees see the full picture when it comes to their equity.

The dashboard is designed with simple but powerful graphs and a timeline that celebrates important equity milestones. It features estimated return figures for grants and shares, so employees can see how their holdings have increased in real-world value over time.

Employee dashboard

Discover our new dashboard for employees

“Capdesk is the only tool with end-to-end digital signing – a massive advantage”

Joe Adams  CFO  Plum Guide

“Capdesk's feature set is comprehensive – it does everything we need it to, it's cleanly laid out and easy to use. Having everything stored in one place and easily accessible saves enormous time and gets everyone on the same page”

Oli Johnson  Founder  Catapult

“It’s really easy to use and run round simulations, and export cap tables. There’s also good functionality for creating different vesting schedules for EMI etc.”

Joe Clarke  Financial Accountant  WeFarm

“At Duco, everyone has options but that means paperwork for everyone. The integration with DocuSign makes this really easy for us. Board reporting is also great, we just click a button and we get our cap table and options report for the board.”

Christian Nentwich  CEO  Duco


Interactive user dashboards

Capdesk puts the user experience first with interactive dashboards that illustrate, inform and advise. The admin dashboard allows you to see the shape of your cap table, download essential reports and invite new stakeholders all in one place.

Your employees, meanwhile, get their own dedicated dashboards that bring equity ownership to life with clear data visualisation and an enhanced user experience.

Smart transactions

From option issuance to secondaries

Issuing options is only the beginning. If it’s a pain to exercise them and close-to-impossible to transact them, they aren’t worth much to your employees. We’re tackling this head on. Capdesk facilitates witness signing, escrow checks, right of first refusal and board approvals, all the while ensuring activity complies with local legislation.

These are smart transactions.



How can I manage smart transactions with Capdesk?


End-to-end execution

Capdesk makes it simple for stakeholders to exercise their options, covering signatures, witnessing and monetary transactions.


Regulatory compliance

All flow of capital is determined by local finanical regulation including KYC and AML checks by Capdesk partner Shieldpay.


Secondary sales

We support your secondary transactions, facilitating cap table updates, board approvals and seller authentication.

Onboarding and support

Starting strong is the key to long-term success

We take onboarding seriously, whether your cap table is relatively straightforward or already complex.

A comprehensive onboarding programme will set you up for efficient equity management on Capdesk, with our experienced analysts taking you through the process from start to finish.

That’s not all – once you’re up and running on the platform you’ll still be able to access custom support from the team.



Onboarding programme

  • Dedicated onboarding analyst
  • Introductory tutorial and workshops tailored to your needs
  • All input data reviewed and cleaned as standard, including compliance checks

Ongoing support

  • Customer success team with years of expertise
  • Support on new features
  • Ad hoc tutorials, webinars and resources
  • Capdesk support available to all of your stakeholders

Our onboarding experience has been great. We’ve received so much help from Sindy and Matthew –
 far beyond what I anticipated.

Adriana Berglund  Head of Legal  Voi

“We went from managing Gousto’s cap table and employee share plans on Excel to having a fully digitised version in just 32 days, which immediately validated our decision to join Capdesk. The process was smooth and efficient, and we began to reap the benefits right away.”

Mike McClean  Head of Financial Control & Accounting  Gousto

Data security and privacy

Your security is our priority

Safe, secure, compliant. Capdesk is packed with features that ensure your information is managed as safely as possible.



Stakeholder management

Centralise all stakeholder management

Effortlessly keep stakeholders informed as your cap table evolves, so they always know their equity position.

How does Capdesk benefit stakeholders?

  • Give investors online access to the cap table, and send them emails straight from Capdesk
  • Search, share and download documents at any time from your encrypted database
  • Make Capdesk your stakeholders’ town hall: let them propose ideas, leave comments and cast votes

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