Loved by HR and Finance teams, Pento is the best of what payroll software and outsourcing can provide.

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About Pento

With CIPP qualified expert support at hand, customers never run payroll alone. Pento takes the fear out of payroll and ensures every professional responsible for payroll can run payroll confidently. 
Add to that a software which is easy to use, automates calculations and payments, syncs with HMRC, and integrates with leading HR and Accounting systems, Pento removes any need for manual intervention around data entry, double-checks and human errors.
What Pento Does
  • Pento is a cloud-based, fully automated payroll software that helps significantly reduce time spent on payroll each month.

  • Instead of relying on spreadsheets, PDFs, and back and forth emails with your external payroll provider, Pento lets you run the whole payroll in a few clicks.

  • Pento automatically calculates taxes in real-time, automates salary payments, and reports to HMRC & pension providers.

  • Pento integrates to accounting software (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks and soon NetSuite), Pension Providers (Nest, People's Pension, Smart Pension) as well as the most popular HRIS products (e.g. BambooHR, Hibob, Personio,Humaans, and soon PeopleHR).


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