Fast, accurate valuations

Get EMI, CSOP and 409A valuations from Capdesk, whenever you need them.


For the UK and the US


EMI and CSOP valuations

Setting up an EMI or CSOP scheme? We’ll perform a valuation and secure pre-clearance with HMRC on your behalf.


409A valuations

Issuing options to US employees? Carta’s 409A valuations reduce your liability in the event of an IRS audit.

A cost-effective subscription

Stop paying extortionate valuation costs

Traditional providers often charge per valuation, leaving you with unmanageable annual bills.

Subscribe once, get multiple valuations per year

Our subscription model covers multiple valuations per year for a fixed fee.


Issue equity year-round

Don’t let your company valuation expire

Valuations expire periodically. If yours becomes invalid, you won’t be able to issue option grants to your employees.

Attract and retain talent with equity

Update your company valuation whenever needed, so you can keep motivating your workforce with equity.


Fast turnarounds

No more waiting on slow providers

If you’re working against the clock, waiting weeks on end for a valuation report just won’t cut it.

Receive your report in less than a week

Our in-house team can perform a valuation and deliver your initial report in 3-5 business days.



"Capdesk provided an efficient service on our recent company valuation and we were pleased with the end result. Triam discussed technical elements of the process with us in a clear and engaging way."

Sophie Grillo, General Counsel, Energy Aspects


"I had thought getting a valuation would be time heavy, but Triam and Ved made this a walk in the park for me. Light on admin with the right result, this has been a really good start for us."

Henry Faber, Co-Founder & Director, Oppidan Education



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From start to finish, you’ll have hands-on support from our valuations experts


Why choose Capdesk valuations?

An integrated solution

An integrated solution

As a customer, your company data is already on our platform, so you can manage your equity and valuations in a single system.

In-house expertise

In-house expertise

Your valuations are performed by our own experts, never outsourced to a partner or third party.

HMRC and IRS support

HMRC and IRS support

Let us do the boring stuff for you. We’ll even liaise with tax authorities in the UK or the US on your behalf.

Leading providers

Leading providers

You’re in good hands. Carta is the world’s leading provider of 409A valuations, performing thousands each month.


Capdesk now offers EMI, CSOP
and 409A valuations


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